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We Love What We Do!

Walter's World of Pets offers a unique variety of special and exotic pets, complimented by exceptional knowledge about our animals, and friendly, caring service from our staff.

We carry an assortment of tropical birds, small mammals, arachnids and arthropods, and our specialty—reptiles. We also carry a broad array of habitats, cages, and supplies.

While puppies, kittens and fish are not members of our collection of characters, we have almost everything else. We also offer extensive special ordering, giving our customers access to a vast "virtual inventory."


How It All Began

Walter's World of Pets is the brainchild—and passion—of the business's founder, Ryan Blakley. Ryan's life-long fascination with animals brought the realization that animals were indeed his passion, and he established Walter's World of Pets in 1997.

The store's name was inspired by Ryan's personal pet monitor lizard, Walter (read about Walter). Ryan opted to share Walter with store customers through building a special enclosure for him, with a large glass window. With widely interesting and exotic animals in the "store family," Walter reigned supreme as the "big kahuna," and the store was indeed his world.

After many successful years in its original location, Walter's World of Pets moved to larger quarters (to the present store location), which allowed space for more animals, supplies, and the new exciting feature known as The Jungle. Continuing the spirit of sharing a love for the animals of the world (and furthering the concept of Walter's original exhibit), The Jungle is unique to Walter's World and offers visitors a glimpse at some amazing creatures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most lively assortment of interesting and exotic pets available in the West Texas area, coupled with our deep expertise about our products. When a customer purchases an animal from us, they know that our business's reputation stands behind that purchase, and that we will provide expert information to assist them along the way.

The Future

Walter's World of Pets owes many thanks to the West Texas community for supporting us and making our "crazy collection of characters" successful, and a favorite among animal shops. As we proceed into the future, imagination is the only limit, and we will always make Walter's World of Pets full of continual surprises!