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Little Hermit Crab
A feature at Walter's World of Pets is a fine collection of creepy crawlers, from fun hermit crabs to intriguing Emperor Scorpions!

We usually have an interesting variety in our store, along with supplies to give your new pet everything it needs, from a great home to wholesome nutrition.

We know these may not be the pets for everyone, but for those who appreciate their very special qualities, Walter's World has some of the best. In addition to the creatures mentioned below, we feature other types from time to time (see "Mystery Guests!").


At Walter's World of Pets we have some great tarantulas.

Large Tarantula

We have a variety of species, from the pink toe and the Mexican Redrump, to the king of the tarantulas, the Goliath Birdeater (the largest spider on Earth!). We will have what you want, plus all the supplies you will need!

Emperor Scorpion Sitting in Hand

We carry the famed Black Emperor Scorpion, the largest scorpion species on Earth. It is known for its impressive (and many would say fearsome!) appearance, yet it has an interestingly docile demeanor, and is easy to maintain. Stop by to see our Emperors today.

Have something special in mind?
Red-kneed Mexican Tarantula on Hand

No problem!

We can custom order a unique specimen to get you exactly what you want. We never shy away from trying to find the unusual or truly exotic.

Hermit Crabs
Hermit Crab on Sand

We carry cheerful little hermit crabs, some of which have festive, painted shells.

These interesting crustaceans have become a favorite pet, are very low maintenance and often have great longevity. They make a very unobtrusive, easy-going pet who just loves to chillax and hang out!

Wild Stuff
Hissing Roach on Hand

Definitely from the group of pets that "aren't just for everybody," we carry some truly remarkable specimens.

From the Madagascar Hissing Roach, to the Desert Millipede, we have something for everyone!

Hissing Roach on Hand

For instance, the Desert Millipede is actually a very interesting creature; some reports indicate that it can live for a number of years. As a pet arthropod, it requires little effort to maintain.

Mystery Guests!

Since we happen across some great individual specimens or special buys, it is common for Walter's World to have special animals in the store from time to time.

These may be special breeds, unusual colors or patterns, or just different from what we ordinarily carry. Sometimes even we are surprised! Check our store often to see what's new.