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Sun Conure
Walter's World of Pets has a great variety of beautiful birds, from vividly colored parrots, to wee Finches!

We typically have an interesting variety in our store, along with supplies to give your new pet everything it needs. We carry quality food, supplies, and habitats for all sizes of birds, and our staff are very knowledgeable about bird care and can offer great information about your new feathered friend.

In addition to the bird groups mentioned below, we feature other types from time to time (see "Many More Mystery Guests!").

Parrots & Parrotlets

We love birds at Walter's World of Pets, and parrots often lead the pack in colors, sizes and all the great qualities that make them such favorite pets.

Green Cheeked Conure Parrot

We have beautiful conures (such as the Green Cheeked Conure featured at left and the Sun conure above), and parrotlets, which are the smallest of the Amazon parrots, but have all the great characteristics (including talking!) of their much larger cousins. These inquisitive, intelligent birds are always entertaining.

From time to time we also have much larger parrots, such as incredibly colorful macaws, African Greys, and the occasional cockatoo.

Canaries & Finches

These wonderful birds have been adored for centuries for their endearing qualities and ease of keeping. Of course, the male canary is world famous for its beautiful, trilling song.

Canary & Finch on Branch

We have yellow canaries, with occasional specialty forms (with varying colors and special feathers), and a variety of Zebra Finches.

We also often have, depending on the season and shipments, other types of colorful, cheerful Finches, including the "classic" Gouldrian Finch and the ever-popular Cordon Bleu. Stop by to see what's in Walter's World!

Have something special in mind?
Beautiful Pink Cockatoo

No problem!

We can custom order exactly what you want. We never shy away from trying to find the unusual or truly exotic.

Cockatiels & Parakeets

These are some of the most popular and beloved bird pets, and for great reasons.

Both species have endearing behaviors, beautiful colors, and commonly bond deeply with their owners (and their owners with them!). Cockatiels, strongly resembling their large cousins, the cockatoos, are loved by enthusiasts for being among the most affectionate pet birds, and are commonly described as sweet-natured.

Parakeet Playing With Toy

Parakeets are active, colorful and comical little birds, known for their cheerful playfulness. They are affectionate and easily tamed. They are also famous for the huge array of colors they can exhibit. From classic "vivid green and yellow" combinations, to subtle pastel mixtures, their beautiful colors appeal to everyone. Visit us today to see the ones we have in our store (they're always fun to watch!).

Specially bred colors or patterns (such as Pied and Albino Cockatiels) are often in stock, and we can usually special order other variants for you.

Many More Mystery Guests!

Since we happen across some great individual specimens or special buys, it is common for Walter's World to have special animals in the store from time to time.

These may be special breeds, unusual colors or patterns, or just different from what we ordinarily carry. Sometimes even we are surprised! Check our store often to see what's new.

Rainbow Lorikeet