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If it slinks or
slithers, we have it!

Colorful & exotic "characters" of all types,
from all over the globe.

Fantastic Creatures
Smiling Gecko
Walter's World of Pets has a rotating variety of awesome reptiles, everything from snakes to lizards, from turtles to frogs—and then some!

We usually have an interesting variety in our store, along with supplies to give your new pet everything it needs, from a great home to wholesome nutrition.

In addition to the reptiles below, we feature other types from time to time (see "Mystery Guests!" below).


At Walter's World of Pets, snakes are special. We have exceptional knowledge about snakes, and are always glad to help our customers select just the right breed.

Smiling Gecko

From remarkable Ball Pythons with special patterns, to domestic snakes (found "close to home" here in the United States), Walter's World knows all types of snakes, their needs, and can help educate new owners about care, feeding, and handling.

We obtain our snakes only from reputable sources, assuring the best possible quality (and the best potential health and longevity).

Coiled Yellow Python

We carry food, supplies, and habitats for all sizes of snakes, and our staff are some of the most knowledgeable experts on snakes in the West Texas area (including direct experience with aggressive and/or venomous species). You can be assured that our advice on snakes is thorough and derived from years of "hands-on" experience.

Turtles & Tortoises

What's more fun than a turtle! Walter's World carries some great turtles and tortoises.

Turtle on log near pond lily

From water-loving species great for ponds, to those that love to burrow in the soil and stay a bit more dry, we often have seasonal specials, with the arrival of exotic types as well as those indigenous to West Texas. Stop by to see what's in stock!

Have something special in mind?
Man holding Bearded Dragon

No problem!

We can custom tailor any order to get you exactly what you want. We never shy away from trying to find the unusual or truly exotic.

Lizards & Geckos
Red Head Agama Lizard on Rock

We have some great lizards at Walter's World.

Ranging from colorful species native to exotic locales to species found in the southern United States, we have something for everyone. We also feature tegus and monitor lizards, in a variety of sizes.

Fun geckos are also a great part of our collection at Walter's World. From the popular leopard gecko (a colorful juvenile of which is featured at the top of this page), to the popular gargoyle gecko, we have a rotating variety in our store, and can usually special order something uniquely yours.


Find the truly exotic in our assortment of amphibians, including frogs, toads and the occasional salamander.

Mantella Blue Frogs

Two examples:

Widely colorful dart frogs come in an endless variety of vivid patterns. Mantella frogs and fire bellied toads are also favorites, and fire bellied toads often have great longevity. Since many of these amphibians exhibit unique markings, it seems like no two are ever alike. Check our collection often!

Mystery Guests!

Since we happen across some great individual specimens or special buys, it is common for Walter's World to have special animals in the store from time to time.

These may be special breeds, unusual colors or patterns, or just different from what we ordinarily carry. Sometimes even we are surprised! Check our store often to see what's new.