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Fancy Guinea Pig
Walter's World of Pets has a great variety of small mammal pets, everything from all the expected favorites to some really exotic creatures!

We typically have an interesting variety in our store, along with supplies to give your new pet everything it needs, from a great home to wholesome nutrition.

In addition to the animals mentioned below, we feature others from time to time (see "Many Others, Plus Mystery Guests!").


It wouldn't be Walter's World without ferrets! The ever-playful and cheerful ferret is a perennial pet favorite. Very gregarious and inquisitive, ferrets love to play and explore.


We usually have several ferrets in stock, in shades of brown, gray and black, with the characteristic face mask, feet and tail having the darker colorings. Ferrets in varying lighter hues are also available, as are creme-colored and albino animals.

Hamsters, Gerbils & Dumbo Rats

Walter's World usually has a great assortment of cute hamsters and gerbils. We usually have both "standard" (Syrian) hamsters and Dwarf Hamsters.

Cute Hamster

These little pets are immensely entertaining, and their hallmark cuteness has made them a favorite the world over. We have various colors and occasional variants such as the Teddy Bear Hamster. Come see our selection!

Grandmother & Granddaughter Holding Dumbo Rat

We have a great selection of Dumbo Rats, who are a cut apart from the standard pet rat. Their special breeding has produced lower set ears, a slightly broader head, and they are known to be very docile. They're very cute and fun for the entire family!

More Unusual & Exotic Animals
Geoffroy's Marmoset

Walter's World offers truly exotic animals, and has the serious experience and knowledge to help our customers with them. Be it an exotic feline or a small prosimian or primate (such as the Geoffroy's Marmoset pictured above), Walter's World is your source.

Curious Coati

From Ringtail Lemurs (one or our own mascots) to the Red Coati (pictured right, curious about his owner's handbag), we can provide captive-bred exotic animals, with education for their owners to help assure complete success in the new relationship.

We have great examples in our store from time to time, and we can special order unusual or hard-to-find specimens at any time. And don't forget—there are great examples of exotic animals to see on exhibit in The Jungle!

Have something special in mind?
African Crested Porcupine

No problem!

We can custom tailor any order to get you exactly what you want. We never shy away from trying to find the unusual or truly exotic (for example, an African Crested Porcupine, pictured left).

Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pig Being Held

We love Guinea Pigs at Walter's World! We usually have a great assortment on hand. They are fun for all ages.

Ranging from standard short hair species to those with elaborate show coats (or no coat at all!), Guinea Pigs are inquisitive and docile, and usually tame beautifully. They're very social and great in pairs. Come in today to see our selection, and be sure to listen for the faint "chortling"... it's a quiet purring-like sound Guinea Pigs make to communicate. Much fun!

Interested in a specially bred or show Guinea Pig? We are always glad to special order something uniquely yours.

Prairie Dogs

Many people are not aware that Prairie Dogs make outstanding pets. They are far more intelligent and affectionate than is first evident.

Affectionate Prairie Dogs

One marker of this is the fact that most Prairie Dog owners quickly become entirely devoted to their animals. The Prairie Dog's intelligence and affectionate, social nature are very endearing, and each one has a different personality. (There's even serious academic research in progress at more than one United States institution regarding their animal language, which has been likened to that of dolphins!)

Baby Prairie Dogs are one of the most delightful little animals, and Walter's World usually has cute, very affectionate babies each spring. Please check with us!

Hedgehogs, Chinchillas & Sugar Gliders

We love this grouping of animals at Walter's World. These pets can be among the most fascinating animals to have in your home.

Cute Hedgehog in Hands

We can advise you on each one's special charcteristics as a rewarding pet, and the needs for their care. Plus, we carry supplies, such as nutritious diets, cages and other habitats.


What could be more fun than having a great rabbit! We offer all kinds of rabbits, including: Dutch, mini rex, English spot, Netherland dwarf, and Holland lops.

Kids Playing With Rabbit

These very enjoyable pets are easy to care for, and tame wonderfully. We offer some great supplies, and can help you decide which great variety you'd like best. (Plus, did you know that some rabbit owners train their rabbits to live in their homes? Rabbits can be litter trained, just like cats!)

Many Others, Plus Mystery Guests!
Spotted Genet

We offer many other speciality/ exotic small animal pets (such as the Spotted Genet pictured). Please check with us about your personal interests—we would enjoy hearing about them!

Also, since we happen across some great individual specimens or special buys, it is common for Walter's World to have special animals in the store from time to time.

These may be special breeds, unusual colors or patterns, or just different from what we ordinarily carry. Sometimes even we are surprised! Check our store often to see what's new.