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The following represent the four main categories of animals we commonly have in stock in our store (although "special guests," who do not fit neatly into one of the categories below, can show up at anytime!), plus our Educational Talks service:

Walter's World is always interested in specialty items, including hard-to-find, rare or exceptional specimens. Please dialogue with us!

Small curious guinea pig
A Brief Overview

We carry a wide assortment of tropical birds, small mammals, arachnids and arthropods, and our specialty—reptiles. We also carry a broad array of habitats, cages, and supplies.

While puppies, kittens and fish are not members of our in-store collection of characters, we have almost everything else. We also offer extensive special ordering, giving our customers access to a vast "virtual inventory."

Finding The Unusual

Walter's World of Pets prides itself on a love of exotic animals, and we are always glad to help find and order a special item. We can research and locate almost any exotic pet, supply, or habitat (various regulatory issues or prohibitions not withstaning, of course).

As a component of our services, we will always strive to help our customers understand all the dynamics involved in special ordering animals/live specimens. For animals which require highly specialized care and/or habitats (or which may be venomous or which may require special regulations to be met), we will always offer all the care and handling information we can. We can also help candidly contemplate any potential concerns that should be carefully considered before, during and after a specialized purchase.

Please contact us today to explore the exciting opportunities. We'd love to hear what you have in mind!