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Walter's World of Pets Supplies Section
Walter's World of Pets carries a full line of supplies to help you make sure your pet is healthy and happy!

We keep many staple items stocked in our store, including habitats, cages, toys, bedding, and of course, healthy, nutritious pet foods.

In addition to the habitats, cages and roosts mentioned below, we feature specialty items from time to time (see "One-of-a-Kind Items" below).

Also see our online specials.

Cages & Habitats
Ferret Habitat

Your new companion must have a great home, and we offer a variety of awesome options. Gone are the days of just "boring old cages!" New designs keep your pet safe while providing interest and entertainment—for both of you!

Ferret Habitat

We carry bird cages, small animal habitats, reptile and arachnid habitats... you name it, we will usually have it. We also have pet carriers, for all kinds of critters!


Providing your pet with suitable bedding is important, and we have a great variety from which to choose.

Small Animal Bed

We offer warm, comfy pet beds for the variety of small animals we carry. This includes standard types (like the one pictured), and also hammock-sling styles, plus perches and nests for small birds, and everything in between.

Reptile Substrate

We also have supplies for reptiles and other creatures which require a naturalistic enclosure, with substrate, rocks, and other accessories. Our great line of products will make sure everything is set up just right!

Did You Know We Carry Dog & Cat Food?
Two Cans of Natural Balance Dog Food

Walter's World of Pets carries the high-quality dog and cat food line Natural Balance. Natural Balance is a choice of top breeders, veterinarians, kennel operators and caring pet owners who want only the best for their pet. (Natural Balance was co-founded and is promoted by famous actor Dick Van Patten.)

We have both canned and dry versions, and though we do not carry cat and dog pet companions here at Walter's World, we do feel proud to provide Natural Balance to the Lubbock area. As we mention elsewhere on this page, providing good nutrition to all pets is extremely important. Please share with your friends and family that they can get this great line of dog and cat food right here at Walter's World!

Have something special in mind?
Elaborate Cage & Parrot Roost

No problem!

We can custom order a wide variety of specialized, unusual or hard-to-find items to get you exactly what you want. We never shy away from trying to find the unusual or creative pet home, or other special pet supply.

Nutrition—So Important!
Small Animal Foods

Small Animals

Providing good, wholesome nutrition for your pet is so very important. That's why we stock a full line of quality products for a variety of animals (we believe so much in good nutrition, we even have some outstanding products for animals we don't carry—see below for dogs and cats). We have balanced diets for an array of small animals, including ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, prairie dogs, gerbils, and others.

Bird Foods


We also carry a full line of products for birds, ranging from canary and and finch seed mixes, to diets for large tropical parrots. We insist on quality foods, and our selections from such trusted sources as Kaytee and SunSeed will assure your bird gets the great nutrition it needs to stay active, vibrant and healthy.

Reptile Foods


Our line of products for reptiles from industry leaders will assure your pet receives a great, balanced diet. We feature Fluker's and ZooMed as two of our prominent brands, plus others. We also carry live food for a range of reptilian needs. Let us know what you need today!

Toys & Activity Items

Providing toys and activity-inspiring items for your pet is a very important part of assuring they receive proper stimulation and exercise.

Small Animal & Bird Toys

We carry an endlessly fun line of products for your bird or small animal. These not only add interest to your pet's environment, but motivate them to interact and exercise. We offer sturdy, well-designed products created by respected manufacturers so that you—and your pet—get the quality you deserve.

Small Animal & Bird Toys

We prominently feature products by SuperPet, a leader in innovative, entertaining toys, exercisers, and habitat accessories. You will find just what you need in our line up, items that will surely be fun for both of you! Stop by today to see the latest additions—we have everything from tube connectors, to fun whirly-gig exercise units, to colorful pet carriers... and a lot in between!

One-of-a-Kind & "Special Guest" Items
African Grey Parrot Playing With Toys

Since we happen across some great individual items or special buys, it is common for Walter's World to have special cages, habitats and accessories in the store from time to time. Sometimes even we are surprised! Check our store often to see what's new.